Thursday, 28 March 2013

Yoga Show Extravaganza!!!

Another Yoga Conference & Show has come and gone, and of course all too quickly. L I feel like this year it went by SUPER fast.  But I am sure this is because I spent much more of my time this year in Seminars and Workshops then on the Exhibition Floor.  

For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to attend this Show, it is a 3-day Yoga-Extravaganza that this year included 70 workshops, 200 Exhibitors and a huge ‘Yoga Garden’ in the center of the Expo floor with FREE yoga classes happening all day Friday through Sunday!  The Exhibitors included Yoga Clothing Retailers, Natural Health Stores, and Locally-made Healthy Goodies!  There was even a Healthy Food Court with a Juice Bar and SUPER affordable and tasty eats, like Govinda’s Indian Food (which was boasting a heaping combo plate for only $8!).
I had the opportunity to attend a hand-full of the Yoga Garden classes, including some with the likes of Leslie Kaminoff (Yoga-Anatomy Guru) and Sadie Nardini (Yoga Rockstar Extraordinaire!).  I even got to take part in a Havan Practice (or Fire Ceremony) cleansing me of my unwanted uncertainty about the Future.  I enjoyed a sampling of each of the Food options on offer, did a tad bit of shopping and “Hung Around” the Flying Yogi booth for a bit too! (

On Friday I even had the good fortune to run into a fellow Yoga-Teacher Friend, whom I hadn’t seen since moving to Newfoundland!  We enjoyed a Lovely lunch together and had the opportunity to catch up on the comings and goings of the past year.

My Workshops were an eclectic blend this year.  When I received my Workshop Catalog back at the end of 2012 (I was SOOO Excited when it arrived!) I remember I made quite the deliberation trying to decide which ones to take.  And I think I still ended changing my mind a few times before I actually registered for!  Because of the uncertain nature of my Future in Bali (and having never been there before) I had no idea at the time what workshops would be of use to me there, so in the end I decided to focus on my Passions in Yoga and areas I felt I could use some upgrading.  So in the end I registered for a Ayurveda & Yoga seminar with Madhuri Phillips (Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Yoga Teacher,, a Partner Flow Yoga seminar with Kaelyn Wong and Sebastian Kowalik (of 8 Limbs, 2 Hearts Yoga, and 2 day-long Yoga Anatomy Workshops with Dr. Ray Long (Ortho-surgeon and creator of Bandha Yoga).  Each of these workshops provided me with new knowledge, inspired me to continue growing in that aspect of Yoga and they were all Fun to Boot!  I was particularly inspired by Ray Long’s Anatomy workshops ( and his use of simple tweaks to familiar poses to deepen the stretch and bring a new sense of challenge and muscle memory into play with each hold. 

The great thing about this event (and Yoga events in general I think) is that everyone I encountered was kind, generous and open-hearted and –minded!  My friend, Tiffany and I shared a table on Friday with several Lovely people as the Food Court filled (we even joked that the other two chairs at our table were revolving), I chatted in the Lounge areas with other Yogis about the workshops they were taking, spent a good 45 mins chatting to two Lovely Ladies on the MTCC floor while we ate our lunches and even went out for drinks and nachos post-Yoga show with a few people from my last Workshop.  I even saw Yoga-lebrity Seane Corn sitting on the floor (near the washrooms no less!) eating her lunch! 

One thing is for sure, I feel very blessed not only to have had the opportunity to attend this years’ Yoga Show, but to be a part of this Global Community of Folks with Big, Open-Hearts!
Who knows, maybe I will bump into You next year at the Show!  Save the Date: March 27-30, 2014! ( 

Have you got an inspiring, heart-warming or funny Yogi encounter/event to share?  Please share below in the comments!  And don’t be shy to like, share and subscribe! ;)

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

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