Friday, 15 March 2013

I Love Fortuitous Events!!

Yesterday was a very BIG day!  It was my last day of teaching Yoga at Shakti Yoga Studio before leaving Newfoundland for my next Adventure, it marked the completion of my first (of many!) Yoga & Nutrition Courses and my Best Friend got to tag along for the ride too!

Me with My Beautiful Nutrition Yogis!

But something else really cool also happened too!  After a long 'Day in the Life of a Yoga Teacher' my Forever Friend Julie and I arrived back to my apartment, just happened to check the mailbox and what did we find?!  My Vegetarian Nutrition Diploma from Alive Academy!  It was a very fortuitous sign I think that on the very day I my first Yoga/Nutrition Course comes to a close my certificate arrives.  Like a sign from the Universe that this is EXACTLY what I am meant to be doing with my Life.  Helping others live a more happy and healthy Life with Yoga!  And as sad as it was to admit that this stage of my Life's Adventure is coming to a close :(  and though I will miss all of the Positively Lovely People who have shared this Newfoundland Adventure with me, having my diploma arrive when it did has helped me to acknowledge that this is only the Beginning of a whole new chapter in my Life!  So thanks to all of you that have helped me get to this point, I Love Your Faces! :)

Just had to share my Joy and sense of Inner Purpose with all of your Shining faces!!  Do you believe in signs?  Have you ever had a sign occur?  Or an 'Aha!' moment for that matter about your future/destiny?  Please feel free to share in the comments down below!

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