Monday, 18 March 2013

42 Days of Travel, 42 Days of Yoga!!

As I am wrapping up my time here in St. John's, NL and begin to look ahead towards my new adventure in Bali, Indonesia, I have to remind myself that I still have over a month from the day I leave Newfoundland (early tomorrow morning - March 19th) to arriving in Bali and being reunited with my Husband (hopefully by the April 28th).  In the 'In-Between Time' I will largely be in one continuous transitory holding, travelling first to (and around) Ontario to visit Family & Friends (while there I will also be taking in the Yoga Show..SOO Excited!!) and then to sunny Port Charlotte, Florida to visit my Parents (who since retiring have become Snowbirds hehe) and then onto Koh Tao, Thailand for 7-10 days of visiting with my friends and Yoga Teachers before Finally arriving (hopefully acclimatized to the drastic temp. difference between Nfld and Bali).

My Husband and I have done our fair share of travelling in the 7 years we have spent sharing adventures together (this is a pic of us at the top of a very foggy mountain in Nepal!), and I have noticed in those transitory times of ours that my Yoga Practice has suffered.  Must be the excitement and newness of our ever-changing surroundings, but when we travel I find even when I bring my mat with me that I don't find my way there regularly (or sadly, depending on the length of our trip at all!). Keeping this in mind I have decided to set the intention to practice Yoga (in some form) EVERYDAY of my Journey. I am anticipating roughly 42 days of travel before reaching Bali, my final destination, so that will mean 42 days of Yoga too! Beware I may be posting some comical Airport-Yoga pics in the near future!  ;)

By stepping onto the mat regularly (and this doesn't have to be daily, anywhere from 2-4 times a week will grant you surprising benefits) you will reap a whole host of physical benefits, such as increased strength, flexibility, better posture not to mention better breathing and circulation of the blood too!  But you may also find that you develop some marvelous side effects like an ability to better cope with stress, a calmer mind, better sleep patterns, more balanced emotions and a more mindful approach to your eating habits(I had to fit something food-related in here somehow lol).  When you add up all of these things it's astounding that everyone isn't rolling out their mats once a day! Why with the benefits to practitioners (both physical and mental) isn't every business implementing regular 'Asana-Breaks' (people still get regular smoke breaks after all and Yoga-Breaks are far better for You!)?  Maybe one day we'll get there but for now we have to take responsibility for our own Well-being by getting onto the mat regularly, even if just for a few mins.  Useful Tip: Try leaving your Yoga Mat out and unrolled somewhere that you will pass by a few times during the day, this gives you more incentive to actually use it, can you hear's calling your name! lol
See the links below for more info on how a regular Yoga practice can help you in all aspects of your Life.

And keep your eyes peeled for more posts on my 'Personal Yoga Challenge'! Also stay tuned for a post 'Coming Soon!' on my experiences/adventures at this years' Yoga Conference & Show being held in Toronto, Ontario! (

Eat Healthy, Be Happy!! *And get on your mat! ;)

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  1. Good points! However, I totally lack discipline when it comes to yoga practice without a teacher... I end up staring at my mat with no idea where to start! Do you know of any good online "classes"? Or maybe YOU should start a YouTube channel ;)

    1. Hi Laura, is a Great resource!! It costs $18/mth but has 100's of classes, all lengths, levels and styles and is a Great way to bring your Yoga Practice Home or on the Road..I am hoping to start doing some yoga vids when I arrive in Bali, I need my camera-man AKA Dave to assist me ;)

  2. This is all so exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your journey!