Saturday, 9 February 2013

What Should We Eat?

It has become very apparent to me in my  ongoing Health Adventures, that with all the contradictory information out there today on diets, health, Superfoods, what scientists have recently found might cause you to grow a third eye.. that it can be really hard to know what it is you should actually be putting in your mouth.  Should you be following the Atkins Diet, the Southbeach Diet, Eat Clean or Paleo?  And what about Gluten, should you eat it or not? At times it can be downright confounding even thinking about making a Diet/Lifestyle change with the plethora of conflicting nutritional information available to us.

Recently I came across a new buzz word in the Health and Nutrition realm, called Bio Individuality.  According to this theory we must find a diet that is uniquely suited to our anatomy, metabolism, age, gender, and ancestry…even blood type plays a role here in deciphering what foods we need to be properly nourished, happy and healthy.   

In the yogic tradition this concept is taught regularly with the perspective that one should take only the physical poses (or asanas) that feel right for THEIR body (letting go of ego, competitive nature and our expectations).  Just as no two physical bodies are alike, no diets should be. Bio Individuality teaches us that there is not one specific diet which reigns above all others, there is no one-size-fits all Diet (regardless of what you may have read in the latest & trendiest diet book). 

I know this may sound like a tall order, trying to find a unique diet that suits your unique constitution.  And when you factor in your energy needs, lifestyle, and personal tastes you could very well feel just as overwhelmed now as you did when you started reading this post.  But I have GREAT news!!  By choosing to eat from a place of authenticity not only do you not have to try to squish yourself into any Diet-y boxes (“I’m a Lactose Intolerant Vegan with a Gluten sensitivity”), but you get to have your own fun Food Adventure figuring out what does work for you!  You get to reevaluate the foodstuffs which make up your current diet and see how they affect your digestion, mood, skin, brain, etc and if you discover that one (or more) of those items does not fit into your vision of your “Healthiest, Happiest Self” you can kick those food items to the curb and experiment with new foods and see how they fit into your Life.  YOU alone have the power over what you eat!  

So I think I have found a Diet Theory (as they call it in the Nutrition-y realm) that speaks to my heart, because as a society I feel we have had enough of being told to eat one way one week and completely different way the next.  Bio Individuality gives us the opportunity to eat from a place of Inner Wisdom (which is exactly as it should be).  If something makes you feel ill when you eat it or makes your brain feel like it’s going to spring out your ears then do yourself a favour and don’t eat it!  You’ll thank yourself later. ;)

So I’d like to leave you with the knowledge that my intention in writing this blog is not to instruct or counsel you on what you should or should not be eating (I am not yet a Nutritionist), but rather to continue my own journey towards Optimal Health, whilst sharing with you my adventures and the useful info I discover along the way.  Please feel free to post questions, suggestions or Health/Yoga topics you find interesting and I would be happy to include them in my investigative adventures!


  1. Awesome Jess! Looking forward to following you on your journey, I have added your blog to my google reader so I'll never miss a post!


    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support Lacey! Please feel free to comment with any suggestions or things you have questions about too..I love feedback! ;)