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My Husband, Dave D., and I purchased a Juicer (nothing fancy, just your run-of-the-mill Hamilton Beach) right around the time we got married (almost 4 years ago!) and I am embarrassed to say that the poor thing sat in its original box unused until our move to Newfoundland, Canada (yes, I stubbornly schlepped it all the way out here).  We had the best of intentions when we purchased it, but then it got shoved to the back of a kitchen cupboard unopened and was forgotten.  But since our move I have busted it out of its prison and have been using it like mad and I have to say, though it isn't the most efficient Juicer on the market (I often put the pulpy bits through a second time) it does the job and I have created many a refreshing concoction with it!

So Why Juice You Ask?

Canada's Food Guide calls for 5-7 servings of Fruits and Veg a day.  A typical serving size according to the Canadian Government is equal to 1 medium-sized fruit or a 1/2 cup of fresh, frozen or canned vegetables.  Now for some this might seem like a lot, especially if you aren't a big fan of salads (so Yummy!)..luckily there is another easy, relatively quick way that you can increase your intake from this Nutrient Dense food group..creating your own freshly made, wholesome and delicious Juices!

By Juicing fresh (preferrably Organic - see Tuesdays post as to why) Fruit and Veg you are extracting vitamins and minerals an consuming them in a concentrated dose!  Juicing offers you the opportunity to increase your F & V intake, try new veggies (or perhaps give ones you don't care for a second chance) and is a quick and easy way to provide nutrients and energy to your body while you are busy living Life... perhaps a light energy booster before your next yoga class ;) Fresh Homemade Juice also has the added bonus of not containing any of the Ridiculous amounts of added sugar prepared juicers contain (not to mention all the other junk they stick in there!).  For more info on the benefits of Juicing, check out the documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' (, really interesting and inspiring to watch!

**Important Info: Though Juicing is a great way to incorporate more F & V into your diet it should not replace eating whole foods from this food group as the whole versions provide valuable fibre in their pulp and nutrients in their skins that are not found in their juices.  Therefore it is still recommended that you consume whole fruits and veggies as a part of a well-balanced diet.

How to Prepare Produce for Juicing:  
In order to prepare your "freggies" (my newest slang term for Fruits and Vegetables) to be offered up to the 'Higher Powers' of your Juicer you must of course wash them, cut off any bits that look less than desirable and peel any items that you would need to peel in order to consume them 'the conventional way' know with your teeth. ;) Don't have a composter?  Don't worry, you can use the pulpy bits leftover from your Juicing experiments for your baking and cooking experiments (it's a cycle of Deliciousness!).
FYI Certain items don't juice well and will produce more of a creamy slushy-type consistency (and possibly clog your juicer), like Bananas and Avocados.  These fruits are better suited to a Smoothie, for which there are an abundance of Super-Yummy recipes floating around the cyber-waves!
**Please note: Due to the oxidation (the combining of a substance with oxygen resulting in a loss of that substances electrons) of the nutrients through the Juicing process, it is best to consume your Juice immediately after making it. 

Juicers: What You Need to Know

Generally speaking the more you spend on a Juicer the better quality (less wastage) you will get and the more Nutrient Dense Juice it will make for you.  These Beauties can run you anywhere from $50 (which I think is what I spent for my little Beacher) to $400 or more.  But if you are low on funds try looking on or Craigslist or perhaps starting out with run-of-the-mill while you save for the 'Juicer of Your Dreams'.  Whatever you buy, be sure to clean your Juicer soon after use so the waste particles don't get dried on, this is a Bitch to clean!
For more info on types/brands, etc check this link out

A Few of My Fav Juice Recipes:

Just tried this one today and it was Fab!

Jess's Fav Green Drink

3 Stalks Celery
1 Handful Spinach Leaves
1/2 Cucumber
2 Kiwi
1/2 Lemon (squeezed in after Juicing process)

Carrot, Apple, Ginger Juice

4 Carrots
2 Apples
1 hunka hunka Ginger (yes I know, I am a geek!)

Beet-Box Juice

2 Beets with greens/stems
3 Celery Stalks
1/2 Cucumber
3 Carrots

The Beauty of Juicing is that you can create your own recipes/flavours by experimenting with new fruits and veg or by altering the amounts you include in your fresh bevvies!

Eat Healthy, Eat Happy!

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