Monday, 15 July 2013

How to Celebrate International RAW Food Day!!

Did you know that this past Thursday, July the 11th was International RAW Food Day?  No? That's okay this special occasion celebrating of all things Raw is still little known (which I am sure many would say about the diet itself), so much so in fact that even some of my Raw-Foodie Friends were unaware!

Though this particular diet is still gaining momentum amongst the masses, consuming a Raw Diet, consisting of raw, predominantly vegan, whole foods is on the rise.  Raw-Foodists believe that the cooking foods strips them of much of their nutritional value as well as breaks down important enzymes present in these foods.  There is some controversy over heating food to low temps (and even controversy over how low is okay), but some RAW dishes are heated to anywhere from 104 to 118 degrees.  Some common foods consumed on this diet are organic fruits and veggies, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans and legumes, certain oils, and herbs and spices.  Some people on this diet also partake in RAW milk and cheese (of course not vegan, but veganism isn't compulsory with this diet, so to each their own!).  For more info on whats on the RAW Menu and how to prepare RAW dishes yourself check these links:

Health benefits of the RAW Diet include increased energy, clearer skin, natural weight loss, reduced risk of disease and improved digestion.

I decided to celebrate International RAW Food Day this year by eating Raw for the day!

My RAW Menu for the Day:

I started the day off with a refreshing Banana, Papaya and Romaine Smoothie.  This Smoothie is one that I have enjoyed many mornings for Breakfast the only difference today being that ordinarily I add some Soy Milk and Yogurt in so today I skipped that to keep things pure and RAW.

I headed to my favourite local organic cafe for Lunch.  Once there my meal consisted of a Fresh Young Coconut (even my glass was staying true to its' purest form!), which is full of natural Electrolytes (perfect on a hot Balinese day), and once finished that I enjoyed a delicious Raw Pad Thai Salad, consisting of mixed greens, peppers, cucumber, zucchini and bean sprouts with a scrumptious home-made coriander dressing.

I got myself through the mid-afternoon energy-lull by making myself a nutrient-dense fresh juice (LOVING my new Juicer!) of Granny smith apple, broccoli, bok choy and cucumbers.  And before I knew it it was time for dinner!  I enjoyed another heaping salad of Indonesian Cabbage, yellow peppers, cucumber, avocado, bean sprouts and cashew nuts drizzled with some yummy coconut oil.

My RAW Experience:

I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually make it through a day of eating completely RAW without a) feeling hungry or b) needing a food processor. I felt energized, alert and unburdened by heavy meals that would weigh both my digestive tract and my mind down.  I drank more fluids as well, choosing to drink a glass of water before deciding whether I needed something more solid.  For those considering switching to this pure-form of eating full-time I would highly recommend you invest in a food processor though as there are so many delicious meals (not to mention desserts!) that you can create once you own one.   Plus I am sure you could even create some of your own too!

For more information on eating RAW and how to make the switch to eating more RAW foods (plus some tasty RAW recipes too!) see the sources & links section below.

Until next time..

Be Happy, Eat Healthy!

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  1. I have enjoyed many raw meals and even whole days like you have here in the past. I really have enjoyed them but it is not a way of eating that I would like to embrace full time. I don't think that we need to eat everything raw but I do believe that most people could reall y benefit from eating some more raw foods.

  2. I agree that balance is important, and so is enjoying what we eat and not just eating it because someone tells us it's the best way. Some of the research I found on RAW diets suggested an 80/20 diet, consuming 80 percent RAW, but I think for some that may not be feasible. I do agree though that we surely could all benefit from incorporating more RAW foods into our daily diet on whatever scale works best for each of us individually! ;)