Friday, 24 May 2013

The Word on Wheatgrass

Have you ever tried a shot of Wheatgrass?  I am sure you've most likely heard of it from your friendly neighbourhood 'Hippie', but have YOU ever tried it?  Wondering what all the fuss is about?  Or do you have a rule about consuming 'Green Liquids'?

Well I have been happily treating myself to a regular Wheatgrass shot and I have to say I am a Convert!  I have tried it at a few different locations now and I really enjoy it, and it is just that, a shot glass filled with green juice that well..smells like grass..LOL!  It doesn't have to be consumed on its' own this way, though I have come to enjoy it in shot-format, you can also add it in with other freshly juiced juices or put it into a Smoothie for some extra nutritional-punch!  And don't be put off by the taste (as it is a bit grassy too, particularly the first time), you can also squeeze a little lemon or lime into your shot for a bit of distraction if you are really put off the taste.

And why would we subject ourselves to consuming the young grass of Wheat plants you might ask?? (don't worry they are Gluten-free!)  Because it is remarkably GOOD for us, that's why!  Wheatgrass contains Chlorophyll, Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes, Antioxidants and Essential Amino Acids, which our bodies can't produce on their own (making them 'Essential' to our survival).  It takes a great deal of actual Wheatgrass to produce one shot (not to mention a fancy Juicer, which is why I haven't yet started making my own) and because of this is said be nutritionally equivalent to consuming 2 LBS of Veggies!  Now mind you there are Nay-sayers on this point but if you watch this video below you will see just how much Wheatgrass it takes to get a full shot of the stuff, which minus the Fibre in my opinion may not be totally equivalent but is definately Nutrient-Dense!

What do the ingredients I mentioned above have to do with your health?  Well, Chlorophyll helps to oxygenate your blood which allows for more speedy detoxification (it is also remarkably close to Hemoglobin in its' cellular composition!).    The Amino Acids and Enzymes help to safe guard our livers against toxins we ingest, ridding them from our bodies more quickly.  And well Vitamins and Minerals.....we all know they are always a Good Thing (except in Extremely high doses that is)!

Other health benefits of Wheatgrass include: it increases our red blood cell count and lowers blood pressure, it stimulates our thyroid gland to help correct obesity and indigestion, it can be used as an appetite suppressant, has been successfully used in studies to aid in curing certain forms of cancer, and a whole host more!  For more benefits see:

In fact the only negative press that I found on Wheatgrass came from sources that harped on the lack of clinical studies which have been done on the benefits, but what I have to ask what financial benefit do these companies have by testing its' healing properties..they certainly won't be 'raking in the dough' by testing a product any Joe-Schmoe could grow in their backyard! *See below for a video on growing your own! (not that I think of you as a Joe-Schmoe ;)  

These nay-sayers (a few of which I have listed in the Sources column if you would like to peruse for yourself), claimed the studies that had been done were too small and that more research is needed to substantiate the health claims. Small studies have been done with both those combating Ulcerative Colitis and Breast Cancer patients receiving Chemotherapy and positive effects were seen in both studies.  The Ulcerative Colitis patients saw a significant decrease in the advancement of their disease and the findings from the study involving the Breast Cancer patients found that Wheatgrass may be able to reduce Myelotoxicity (which suppresses bone marrow, when there is a decrease in cells responsible for immunity, blood-clotting and delivering oxygen).   And I agree that more clinical research on the benefits of Wheatgrass Juice is needed.  But I ask you, if you could use something natural to feel healthier, younger and supplement your diet (that you can grow yourself!), Why Not?!  Who cares if there haven't been many 'clinical studies' done on Wheatgrass, perhaps its' time to trust your own intuition and eat what enables you to be the BEST version of yourself you can be!

So I ask, have you tried Wheatgrass? Or after reading this post would you be willing too?  If so what did you think of it?  Did you notice any physical, mental or emotional differences?  Anyone currently growing their own?  Leave a comment below.  And don't forget to like, share and/or subscribe! ;)

Be Happy, Eat Healthy!!

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