Monday, 22 April 2013

Yoga on Sunday? Blasphemy or Worship?

 About a week ago Sunday while I was visiting my Folks in Port Charlotte FL, I attended a Yoga class while my Mum and Dad went to church.  It occurred to me during my Practice that day that while Yoga is not a religion it offers me (and countless others) many of the things which attending a House of Worship offers my Parents (and countless others).  

What first drew me to Yoga was the pace of the Practice and the inner stillness it provided me in a way nothing else did.  I have always been one to constantly be looking onto the next, best thing and often missed out on the Present.  Yoga has taught me the Art of 'Being Comfortable in the Now'.  I believe that perhaps organized religions may offer something similar to their congregations by helping them to appreciate the blessings which are bestowed upon them rather than covet for more, whether that be more time, more possessions, etc.

Growing in my Practice has helped me to let go of judgement and embrace a more accepting and loving mindset towards others.  It has also helped me to understand that all events in Life (both good and bad) play a role in shaping my character and the character of others, that nothing is random and that how we deal with these events shapes the path our lives will take.  Having grown up attending United Church I remember that we were taught that God has a plan for each one of us, even if we don't know what it is or understand His reasoning that nothing is random, everything is Divine.

As I delve deeper into Yoga my faith in the Divine Nature of the Universe has been re-ignited and I have found Peace with some of the "mistakes" I have made in Life.  I see now how they have shaped me and through Yoga have learned to Love myself, skeletons and all...does this sound familiar..perhaps like I am Born-Again?

By comparing Yoga to Religion I mean absolutely no offense.  I merely mean to share with you what the Practice offers me and show how for Yoga Practitioners it is far more than a Physical Practice alone.  Yoga has offered me so much over the years (the above mentioned being only the tip of the iceberg) and if I could share it with the whole World I gladly would.  I am so grateful to have a Family who accept and love me for my differences rather than castigate me for not following the same spiritual path they have chosen.

Not much info today, just gratitude. Thanks for listening to my ponderings!  Please feel free to share below what Yoga or your Place of Worship has offered you..I love to hear stories of inspiration!

Eat Healthy, Be Happy!


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